Exploring (Freshmen)

9th Grade Faith Formation Dates


First Session

Tue., Sept. 29th OR Thur., Oct. 1st

Parents come at 8:15pm to the Cafeteria
Please bring smartphone/laptop

Second Session

Tue., Dec. 1st OR Thur., Dec. 3rd

Third Session

Tue., Jan. 12th OR Thur., Jan. 14th

Parent-Teen Workshop

Tue., Mar. 9th or Thur., Mar. 11th

Final Session

Tue., Apr. 20th OR Thur., Apr. 22nd

Digital Faith Formation

Catholic Social Teaching by Saint Mary’s Press. Log-in’s will be created at the First Session.  The online website is:  mlearn.smp.org

  • First Semester Work (Modules 1 and 2) is to be completed by Dec. 1st
  • Second Semester Work (Modules 3 and 4) is to be completed by April 20th OR the young people may choose to come to 6 sessions and not work online. Those session dates are: Tue., Feb. 2nd, Tue., Feb. 9th, Tue., Feb. 23rd, Tue., Mar. 2nd, Tue., Mar. 16th and Tue., Apr. 13th. All sessions are from 7-8:30pm.