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Oct. 6th :

Oct. 9th:



Dates in Red are preparation sessions that the young people must attend. The dates that are in other colors are workshops/retreats/interviews that they must attend one of the dates.

Parents and young people both attend the Information meeting on September 24th at 7:00 pm.

10th Grade Faith Formation—without Catholic HS Candidates:


Tuesday, September 24th –7-8:30pm Parent Teen Information Meeting

Thursday, September 26th – 7-8:30pm Session 1: FAITH & IDENTITY: Who Am I

October 2020

Thursday, October 3rd – 7-8:30pm Session 2: FAITH & IDENTITY: Finding Your Prayer Style

Sunday, October 6th – 10:30am-12pm PARENT TEEN WORKSHOP: Growing in Faith

Wednesday, October 9th – 7-8:30pm PARENT TEEN WORKSHOP: Growing in Faith

Thursday, October 10th – 7-8:30pm Session 3: FAITH & IDENTITY: Personal Christian Mission

Thursday, October 17th – 7-8:30pm Session 4: MORALITY: Freedom and Responsibility

Thursday, October 24th – 7-8:30pm Session 5: MORALITY: Being Virtuous

Thursday, October 31st – No Session – Happy Halloween


Thursday, November 7th – 7-8:30pm Session 6: CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLES: Vocations

Thursday, November 14th – No Session (Faith Fest Week)

Thursday, November 21st – No Session (National Catholic Youth Conference)

Thursday, November 28th – No Session – Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, December 5th – 7-8:30pm Session 7: Workshop Choice*

Thursday, December 12th- 7-8:30pm Session 8: Workshop Choice*

 Confirmation Preparation with Catholic HS candidates: 

January 2020

Saturday, January 18th – 4:30pm Enrollment Mass for Last Names A-L

Sunday, January 19th – 1-7pm Retreat (attend assigned retreat date)

Saturday, January 25th– 4:30pm Enrollment Mass for Last Names M-Z

Thursday, January 30th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 1: Sacraments of Initiation

February 2020

Thursday, February 6th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 2: Our Faith Journey

Sunday, February 9th – 1-7pm Retreat (attend assigned retreat date)

Tuesday, February 11th – 3-5pm OR
Thursday, February 13th – 6-8:30pm Interviews

March 2020

Sunday, March 8th – 10:30am-12pm Our Call to Service and Witness Parents are welcome to attend. This is open to our entire parish. Sr. Johnice from Response to Love is our speaker.

Thursday, March 12th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 3: Gifts of the Spirit

Thursday, March 12th – 8:30-9:15pm Meeting to Plan Confirmation Mass

Sunday, March 15th – 10:30am-12pm Candidate-Sponsor Sharing Session
(This session does NOT include Mass.) If your sponsor cannot attend on Feb. 24th, then join us on Mar. 24th.

Sunday, March 15th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 4: Saints

Thursday, March 19th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 5: Living Like Christ

Sunday, March 22nd – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 6: Prayer

Sunday, March 29th – 10:30am-12pm Candidate-Sponsor Sharing Session
(This session does NOT include Mass.) If your sponsor cannot attend on Mar. 24th then join us on Feb. 24th.

Sunday, March 29th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 7: We are the Church

APRIL 2020

Sunday, April 5th – 7-8:30pm Confirmation Session 8: Rite of Confirmation

Reconciliation Service: To Be Determined

Confirmation Rehearsal: To Be Determined

Confirmation (6:30pm Candidates/Sponsors due in church): To Be Determined

Post Confirmation Gathering: Thursday, May 14, 2020. 7-8:30pm

Please watch the Information Video. It will give you information about the Confirmation Preparation Program and this Commissioning Year of Faith Formation.