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Our Mission

Moving forward together in faith through service, community and leadership.

ICY On Hold

ICY’s Mission Statement is “Moving forward together through service, community and leadership.” Ephesians 3: 14-19 is our Guiding Scripture.

Please continue to pray as our Family process continues and youth ministry is recreated for our WHEAT Family so that all young people may be filled with all the fullness of God.
(Ephesians 3: 19.)

Immaculate Conception Youth Ministry Cornerstones

ssion:  Moving forward together in faith through service, community, and leadership. 

Guiding Scripture:  Ephesians 3: 14-19
“that you, rooted and grounded in love, may have the strength to comprehend . . .
and to know the love of Christ . . . so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” 

Values:           Community                 Faith                            Inspiring
                          Fun                              Spirited                       Amazingness
                          Friends                        Family                         Growth
                         Welcoming                  Positive Influence      Challenging
                         Forming Connections


  1. Offer a way for our young people to stay connected to Immaculate as they grow into young adults.
  2. Help our young people to find a personal relationship with God and each other within the parish community.
  3. Invite our young people to be a big part of the Church through youth ministry.
  4. Encourage young people to form a daily life with faith: faith is part of all you do, not just what you believe, but how we act.
  5. All inclusive.
  6. Work with our youth in becoming aware of the world outside their small town. Open their eyes to reach out to other people.
  7. Youth will realize that it is their Church, not just the adults.
  8. A safe place for teens to come with young adults serving as leaders.
  9. Young people realize God’s call in their lives and ways to use their gifts.
  10. Strengthen and support faith formation for a lifetime.
  11. Peer ministry.
  12. Adults actively and consistently involved in youth ministry.

Recent News

Holy Fire

Holy Fire

Holy Fire Great Lakes is happening at Stroh Center at Bowling Green State University in Ohio on Sunday, October 13, 2019.  Holy Fire is a one-day experience for young people in grades 6-8 featuring dynamic speakers, music, and the sacrament of the Eucharist like they...

BOXTOPIA 2019 Information

BOXTOPIA 2019 is scheduled from 7pm on Friday, October 25, 2019 to 7am on Saturday, October 26, 2019. We've posted all of the information on the ICC Youth Event Calendar.