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Tue., June 30th ICY Senior High 7-8pm via Zoom
Tue., July 14th ICY Senior High 7-8pm via Zoom
Tue., July 28th ICY Senior High 7-8pm via Zoom 
Thur., Aug. 6th ICY Senior High Tailgating with Jesus (Party in the Parking Lot) 7-9pm

Passing on the Light of Faith

ICY’s Youth Leaders made this Passing on the Light of Faith Video for Mother’s Day. 

Special thanks to Jack Accurso (Youth Leader and Master Video Maker) for putting this together!
Getting video file sizes transported was not easy, so this is better late than never!

High School Class of 2020

This is for our high school seniors who are not having the year they thought they would. Sometimes roadblocks help create new paths or ideas. Possible ideas:

1. Zoom a tour of places (many are offering online tours) with your friend group for the senior trip
2. Spirit Week Video ~ edit together individual videos of classmates to make 1 larger video. Maybe a lipsync of everyone in school/sports clothes/uniforms
3. Decorate the front door of your house (with your parents’ permission) with items that celebrate your senior year.
4. Senior Driveway Dance ~ drive to your friends’ homes and dance in the driveways ~ video it too. Clubs, sports teams, or friend groups could each create their own video.
5. A class video/written/artwork (students choose their preferred medium) log of their pandemic experience as a class. These could be history texts/sources one day.

The Class of 2020 gets to create new Senior Traditions with technology. It may not be the way you thought the year would be, but life rarely goes the way we think it will. You grew up in this digital world ~ now use these tools to celebrate your senior year!

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BOXTOPIA 2019 is scheduled from 7pm on Friday, October 25, 2019 to 7am on Saturday, October 26, 2019. We've posted all of the information on the ICC Youth Event Calendar.